My Little Math Magician

I’m using my blog as a means to brag about my son and his accomplishments.  Deal with it!

McKade won an award today!!  At one o’clock in the auditorium, members of the kindergarten and first grade classes were given awards for various achievements.

Attendance, being a good friend, and writing skills were among some of the reasons these kids were being honored.  McKade’s award was for being a “Math Magician!”

Of course Mike thinks this means that McKade has a future in engineering just like his Daddy.  And me?  What do I think?  I think my bumper sticker should say, “My kid counts better than your kid!”


One thought on “My Little Math Magician

  1. Deb says:

    You should totally get that bumper sticker!!! you could even have McCade hand write it w/a sharpie onto a sticker! I love it!

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