ow. ouch. uh that hurts.

Started my workout at 8:30am and ended at 11:30am.  It wasn’t a solid 3 hour workout, but almost.

Why?  I taught the Friday Silver Sneakers class for a co-worker at 10:30 but started my normal workout at 8:30 and then needed to kill time in between, by you guessed it…working out some more.

I’ll pay the price later, I know it.  In fact my eyelids are feeling very heavy right now.  Damn, my toes even hurt.

It’s Friday and I am glad ’cause I’m missing my honey, and just as Anne mentioned in her blog, the guys are readying themselves for Indy week.  Which means no Mike for a couple of days starting this Wednesday.  I am excited for him to get away and enjoy some time with the guys.  I just hope he doesn’t scare any of them into not getting the vasectomies they have discussed!

My Mum will be coming up and spending some quality time with us while Mike is gone.  The boys are really looking froward to having her here for a while.  As am I!

By the way, Rogan is still peeing on the potty and doing so more and more.  In fact he now goes by himself while I stand back, truly fascinated and thankful for the changes in this little boy.

I hope you all have a good weekend…as soon as I pop some pain meds, I’ll be just fine!


2 thoughts on “ow. ouch. uh that hurts.

  1. anne says:

    My husband does not have the OPTION of getting scared out of a vasectomy.

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