Summer “Fun”

Ok…so this has been the first full week of summer with both boys.  There were moments that absolutely sucked ass and I think I recall one that didn’t.

Take for example today!  We spent the morning lounging around, the boys taking turns on the computer, or “ohmpooter” as Rogan would say.  I’m pretty sure they were playing age-appropriate games as I’ve successfully blocked the porn sites McKade uncovered, but of course there’s always some way around those damned parental controls isn’t there?

I skipped the gym today, feeling only slightly guilty that the boys have been there with me all week already.  I did my little abs workout just so I could say that I did and then the rest of the morning started shaping up in anticipation of heading to a local spray park.

I got the boys and myself bathed and dressed, encouraged a zippy lunch and then off we went to the park.  Suddenly my cell phone rang and my friend Nicole disappointingly shared that the spray park was closed.  WTF!  There I stood, clad in my bathing suit, 2 boys ready for fun and all buckled up to go, and the goddamn spray park was closed.  We did some quick thinking and remembered the other spray park in the downtown area.  (Please, when I say “downtown”, I don’t really mean “downtown”…I mean a slightly busier street with slightly taller buildings than the average residential area!)

We played at the park for several hours.  The boys had a great time, as did I.  Watching them play with abandon as my children rarely do, brings me such joy.  That coupled with the fact that I got to sit on my ass while they played made for a good time!

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream!  And unfortunately, wink-wink, Rogan still needs a little bit of “help” to prevent his ice cream from melting all the way down his arm.  And by “help” I mean preemptive and supportive licking in strategic locations around the cone!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


One thought on “Summer “Fun”

  1. Colleen says:

    It must be spray park maintenance week! Lauren’s school was having their year-end picnic at the spray park yesterday and the spray portion was closed for “maintenance”. I say it in quotes because there was no apparent maintenance actually happening. But, it was cool outside so none of the parents were too disappointed and the kids were able to check out the pond and play on the wooden play structure, so it wasn’t a total loss. Then I promised Lauren we could get out our little pools at home and she and Kirsten had a blast splashing in those for a while. I was amazed by the toddler who held onto that hose and wouldn’t let go without screaming, yet would let that ice cold water run down her back and she would barely flinch. Crazy kids.

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