Food Confessions

This is only the first of many more to come…

There have been and continue to be times in my life when I have made less than stellar food choices.  I realize this is not an offense limited to only me.

I’m going to share one of bad choices, right here, right now.  As of this point I only recently told my good friend Heather and my sister Candice about this bed behavior relating to food.  So here goes…deep breath…

Many times when I am cleaning up after dinner and putting away the leftovers, I try to pick the smallest container to squeeze the stuff into.  The food that didn’t fit?  I ate it.   Yes, folks, I said it, I ate the freaking food that could not be squeezed into the goddamn Tupperware container.  Sometimes it was “just” a small handful of pasta.  Other times it might be a few pieces of extra broccoli.  But most of the time, it was more than “just” a handful, and it wasn’t usually broccoli.

WTF???  I wasn’t sure why I chose the smallest possible container, I think I was always wanting to “save” the bigger containers for something “more important” or I thought I was “saving space” in the fridge!!  And now I realize I was probably subconsciously setting myself up for some binge eating!!

But tonight, I grabbed the biggest container I could and very consciously put away every last piece of the macaroni and cheese that I  normally would have gorged on!


2 thoughts on “Food Confessions

  1. The Chexican says:

    I thought leftovers were what husbands and dogs were for.

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