Try To Picture The Grin On My Face As You Read This!

O my fucking gawd.  I re-instituted “quiet time” today, and at the moment, each boy is in his respective room doing whatever they hell they want.  And me?  I’m feeling a little more hope that this summer won’t be so bad after all!

Last summer, when Rogan was still napping and McKade was a raving pre-kindergarten maniac, we started quiet time.  It was a multi-faceted move on my part:

  • Preserving my sanity
  • Preserving Rogan’s nap time
  • Calming McKade down a little as he was losing control towards the end of the day
  • Eventually McKade started napping too and it became obvious that “quiet time” was even more valuable that I had originally thought
  • Allowing the boys to have their own space, in a week-assed attempt to decrease the in-fighting around here
  • Encouraging independent play…something my boys do not seem to know how to do
  • And did I mention the preservation of my own freaking sanity?

So in conclusion, I strongly encourage EVERYONE to partake of the “quiet time” intervention!

Thank you for your attention!


One thought on “Try To Picture The Grin On My Face As You Read This!

  1. Anne says:

    I love quiet time. It’s the best. Abby either reads, or plays on my computer, and Sophie naps. It is totally necessary, and with another kid coming, it is a sanity saver for me. Great move on your part, smart momma!

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