I just can’t think of a title for this one!

I’m currently sitting in front of the computer reviewing Facebook and various blogs that I follow.  I can barely turn  my head even a quarter of an inch…apparently I’ve been doing some sort of pain-inducing activity while I sleep because for the last two days, I have woken up with what feels like a major case of whiplash.  I spent most of the day in an adhesive pain patch and a scarf!

Mike has been working late recently as they are engaged in union talks.  At one point he mentioned that they might need some help at the plant if the union strikes.  By “help”, he meant ME!!  And any other willing and/or able soul he could find.  This of course would us with a lack of childcare since I am the primary care-giver and we don’t have family around!  However, Mike is feeling optimistic that they will reach an agreement soon.  Like by midnight tonight!

I had a great birthday last Friday.  Which for me is a big deal.  You see, for the last um, 29 birthdays or so, I’ve set my expectations way too freaking high.  So high that in essence I set myself up to feel disappointed every damn year.  I finally made the connection and started lowering my expectations and taking control of my day.  Now I try to plan things with or without others, and then I hope for the best.

The boys have been fighting a lot lately.  Fighting while playing with imaginary toys!  And the question I posed recently on Twitter is this: If McKade and Rogan are playing with imaginary toys and McKade “takes” one, should he be in trouble?  Seriously, the arguing is wearing me down.

My Mum is headed up here this coming weekend and I am looking foward to spending some time with her.  In fact, after her last visit and the realization that we have the ability to make some improvements in our time together, I feel excited to confront the challenge.

The boys are playing Wii at the moment, and I gave them the 10 minute warning about 7 minutes ago, so I’ll sign off now and try to connect again soon!


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