Essay Review

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy reading the “Essay” feature on the last page of Time magazine.  (To be quite honest, it’s great bathroom material!)  I know, I know more than you need to know.  But regardless, I wanted to share a bit with you from the June 29th issue.)

This particular essay was written by Nancy Gibbs.  She addressed the the differences between men and women in regards to their parenting.  her main points being that 1) Men are increasingly more engaged in the parenting of our children, and 2) Men tend to parent in a more relaxed fashion, thereby providing women with am alternative to our more tense [my word, not hers] approach. A couple of interesting quotes caught my eye and seemed worth addressing in the blog forum.

“But the more engaged fathers become, the  more women reckon with what a true parenting partnership would look like.”

I completely agree with the aforementioned statement.  I have seen women fight tooth and nail against having to give up the rights as the primary caretaker.  Despite a very willing and capable partner.  Which in my opinion leads to the next quote I took note of:

“I avoid old friends on Facebook,” reads the post on, “because when I compare my life to theirs, I am so ashamed of where I am.”

Perhaps women are left feeling so damn sorry for themselves because we try, and fail, to do it all by ourselves.  We set these unrealistic goals and standards for ourselves, we don’t let anyone help us to achieve them, and then we feel disappointed in ourselves for not being able to reach what we think should have been our full potential.  Perhaps by allowing our men to shoulder a portion of the responsibility of rearing our children, we women might feel supported and inspired to fulfill our life’s dreams with other ventures, besides mothering.  It is possible that women have other interests outside the kids right?!?!?


One thought on “Essay Review

  1. The Chexican says:

    Great post! I definitely think that, if a husband is willing and even requesting to shoulder some responsibilities, the wife should definitely give him a chance to do so.

    I’ve been on an “appreciation” posting kick. Yesterday was for Stay At Home Moms, today was directed solely at my own wife. Check back tomorrow, because I am posting one for dads!

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