Generic Clari*tin: My New Crack

I’ve noticed my readership is down.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!  You know I can’t possibly be serious!  I just wanted to sound literary and important for a quick moment.  Did it work?

I’ve been absent from here, not really knowing what to write about.  All the usual is still happening…the kids fight a lot, Mike plays golf more, I still feel like I live at the gym, another freaking bladder infection!!  Same old crap.  I’ve spoken to my doctor again and she believes I don’t drink nearly enough water.  And I completely agree.  So in an effort to hydrate more efficiently I do hereby vow to carry water with me wherever I go.

It’s 5.29am on Thursday and I am awake for the day.  I had to take another 24 hour generic Clari*tin yesterday and I have a feeling it jolts me into complete alertness after 8 hours.  But seriously, I’d rather be awake at this time than the way I was yesterday before taking the meds!

The boys and I had just come home from getting some ice cream.  We sat outside, and all seemed well, even with the added drippage and stickiness that comes with little boys and ice cream.  As soon as we got home, my whole body just started to ITCH.  It was weird.  My nose became instantly stuffed up, I was ready to tear out my eyeballs, and my stomach felt icky too…although I’m not sure that was an allergic reaction to anything…I seriously could not get my watch off or my contacts out quickly enough.  I changed clothes and decided to take the allergy medicine despite the fact that the last time I took it, I felt felt all hopped up on um, crack maybe, or perhaps it was more of a symptom of withdrawal from crack.  I haven’t taken crack, but I sometimes talk like I have!!

The allergy meds kicked in thank gawd, but now I’m awake, and it is much too early to be awake.  I do see future opportunities for napping…we’re leaving today to head to the in-laws in Nicholasville, KY.  It’s about a 6 hour drive, and I get to not drive!  I’m looking forward to the trip!

Am I babbling?

I’m done for now, although I think I’ve just come up with a few more ideas for more blogs.

Hmmmm, perhaps this “hopped up” feeling isn’t so bad.  I wonder what else I can get done before the kids wake up!


One thought on “Generic Clari*tin: My New Crack

  1. Regan says:

    One of my friends who was having trouble keeping up with her hydration started squeezing some fresh citrus (lime, lemon, key lime, grapefruit, orange…whatever) into her water bottle and then filling it with cold water and ice and she said she found herself MUCH more likely to drink it that way.

    I’m a lifelong water-holic (I’d rather drink water than almost anything else), so staying hydrated is pretty easy for me, but I know a lot of people struggle with this.

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