The Stink Purse

I found and purchased a new purse from Target.  It fucking smelled like cat pee, or dog breath depending on which variety of odor you can relate to.  So I returned it, proceeded to try and find a non-stinky version of the same purse.  No luck.  They all stank.  The black ones, the tan ones…and all of the red ones.

Who the hell can figure this one out?  I tried to find a picture online so as to warn against the purchase of a stink purse, but no such luck there  either.

Mike said it was probably the faux leather, but you know what, there I stood sniffing purses at target and no other bag stank like this this.  If I could somehow link to the stink, I so would, because damn,  Shaniqua, yo’ purse stank!!


2 thoughts on “The Stink Purse

  1. Emily says:

    Oh I’m dying to see the stink purse!

  2. Kj says:

    I once bought a lip gloss from Sephora that after about a week started to stink really bad. You think a purse is bad, what about something intended for your mouth! I returned it with no questions asked and have not seen the product on the shelves since, I don’t think mine was an isolated incident.

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