Am I in Training Now?

My friend Anne is looking for a friend to complete the running portion of a triathlon…I think I’ve got this right.  Anyway, I bit the bait and today began testing my limits and abilities.

Today the training goal was to run as much of a 3.1 mile distance as fast as I could.  Now I have no idea what a “good time” might be, I trust that Anne will let me know if I am even a contender.  I ran/walked the distance in 38 minutes.  I now at least have a time to beat.  And I will challenge myself to run the whole distance.

I don’t even know the  date of this event, and again I’m hoping that Anne fills in the details.  Regardless, I’m willing to at least try to train to improve!


2 thoughts on “Am I in Training Now?

  1. Anne says:

    check around for 5ks in your area- you and gina should do one!

    my relay team might be set- it’s for father’s day weekend, next year. my two buddies from my mentor group want to do it; and i have a back up already for the run, my neighbor across the street. but, if all of those fall through (injuries happen) i’ll be hounding you!

  2. Kj says:

    Wow! Good for you, I’m impressed. As a fellow asthmatic, I have never been a fan of running.

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