R.I.P. Mr. Pickles

In an effort to liven up McKade’s first day of school, Mike decided to toss Mr. Pickles to his lunch sack.  I wasn’t sure about this at first but then decided McKade would probably get a big kick out of it.

So when McKade came home from school and I asked him if he found Mr. Pickles hiding in the lunch bag.  He had indeed found Mr. Pickles.  And mistakenly threw him away.  Of course this realization didn’t occur to McKade until I was checking his lunch bag for residual lunch debris and there was no Mr. Pickles to be found.

McKade SOBBED and SOBBED, bug huge tears running down his face.  I tried hard to comfort him and assure him that it was an innocent mistake and not a big deal.  I also told him I would email Kate to try to get another Mr. Pickles…Mr. Pickles, the 2nd!!


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Mr. Pickles

  1. Kate W. says:

    Tanzie- I just got back from Hotlanta….

    Tell McKade I will send him not only one but TWO Mr. Pickles this week!

  2. Tanzie says:

    Kate…glad you didn’t burn up there!! McKade will be so relieved.

    Thank you, a million times, thank you!!!

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