Where the fuck have I been?

And yes I’m going to use bullet points to answer this question!  Back off!

  • While Mike was working 3rd shift, I had absolutely no interest in sharing anything about my life!  Plain and simple…I just didn’t have it in me.
  • When he finally returned to his regular schedule, I had some residual, um, shall we say, anger and frustration and downright lack of interest in this blog!
  • I realized I could use Facebook as my verbal outlet and started really enjoying the lack of pressure and ease of updating my status, I suppose you could say I found the microwave version of sharing as opposed to the slow-cooking option of the blog.
  • I forget what happened next, but cut to the present and it’s Tuesday.
  • I just got over a mild illness, one which affected my asthma so I was not working out for a few days.
  • I recently found out that another acquaintance of mine has breast cancer, and I am completely, utterly, and totally feeling like it’s [cancer]creeping ever closer, and we need to be as proactive and verbal about it as possible.
  • I’m also extremely disturbed by the recent rash of child abductions and have decided to try and get something started in our neighborhoods to prevent this from happening.  Because having a recent picture of your kids and telling them that you love them won’t do you any fucking good if they have already been snatched by a predator.
  • I’m counting mass BoxTops for McKade’s school in an effort to raise funds…I’m really sick of BoxTops by the way.
  • I’ve recently tried to change the way I eat by reducing portions, no shit Tanzie, and trying to eat the right things at the right times.
  • In addition to continue working out…I actually really enjoy working out, even though it hurts much of the time!
  • Our 10th year anniversary is slowly approaching and we are trying to get something together.
  • And I can hardly wait for the holidays, if only to see family members I miss terribly!!
  • Oh, and I am not guaranteeing I will start posting regularly from now on…you’ll get what you get and you won’t throw a fit!

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