Did the Earth spin a little faster this week or was it just me?

Every time I looked at the clock this past week I realized I was running late for something.  And thus the feeling of urgency and immediacy was my bff…all weeek long.  And I think it started on Monday.

It didn’t help that I had over 2000 BoxTops that needed to be clipped and counted and sent off by Thursday, it didn’t help that Mike worked a whole lot this week, it didn’t help that I needed extra time to administer Rogan’s nebulizer 3 times a day, it didn’t help that money was really starting to run low and there were multiple bills due ALL AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME, it didn’t help that my house looks like it was flipped upside down and violently shaken, and it certainly didn’t help that we kept on wearing clothes only to make them dirty thus needing laundered.  And as a side note, I think we wear entirely too many clothes and we don’t wear them long enough.  Who was the idiot that decided if you wear a shirt for one day that it shouldn’t be worn for several more days?!?!?

It was just a week of crazy and I so want it to end well.  It’s Saturday and the kids are bursting at the seams and so ready for Halloween and all its delicious glory.

I’m hoping after today, before next week rolls in, that I can slow down and regain what little composure I like to pretend I have on a good day!  We’ll see what happens.

Shit, I just looked at the time and I’m going to be late for my spinning class if I don’t hurry.


2 thoughts on “Did the Earth spin a little faster this week or was it just me?

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree, this week was in fast forward. I am ready for things to slow down a bit at my house so we can get some projects done around here.

  2. Regab says:

    Seconded…it’s been a CRAZY fast week. CRAZY. FAST.

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