A recent update in pictures!!

  • I’m wearing new boots.
  • Again.
  • This time though I have faith that they will not kill my feet.
  • Did I mention to you guys that the $200 freaking boots I bought literally tore a hole in one of heels?  I tried thin socks, thicker socks, 2 pairs of socks.  I gave up.
  • I called Zappos and explained what happened.  I had literally worn them 3 times.  They let me return them!  Yes, I said THEY LET ME RETURN THEM.
  • Zappos rocks.
  • And I desperately wanted to buy from them again but could find what i wanted.  But I did find these:

  • My dog has been begging for food an hour early ever since the time change, but now she’s begging 2 hours earlier.  It’s driving me nuts.
  • Rogan has been sick the last couple of days…with very productive sneezes…if you catch my drift.  Talk about a nasal explosion with major snotty shrapnel.  And the poor innocent bystanders.   Just drenched I tell ya!
  • Friday is our 10 year anniversary!  But no thanks to Notre Dame, we cannot find a hotel anywhere.
  • We’re considering booking this year for something next year!
  • Maybe Vegas!
  • My Grandma Gertie gave me several brooches years ago, and it wasn’t til this year that I really started appreciating them.  So I recently had my favorite refurbished and it looks amazing.  Turns out it was silver.  I had no idea.  Take a look:

  • My Grandma Gertie, paternal grandmother, has since passed away.  I so wish that I could have shared with her what I done to the brooch.  So I called my sister and told her all about it.  She suggested I text her a picture, which I did.  She texted back: “It’s lovely pet!”…just like my Grandma would have said.  I had to fight back the tears.  As did Mike when I told him the story!
  • Since I seem to be on a roll with pictures today, I’ll share a recent snapshot of our 2 cats:

The smaller one is actually older and the other one?  Well he’s just FAT!  Can you even believe the size difference?

  • This is Archer caring for a sick Rogan:
  • I think I’m done for today!


One thought on “A recent update in pictures!!

  1. Regan says:

    Cute boots!

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