Literary One Night Stands

I have not blogged anything since November 18th.  I know why this keeps happening.  It’s the simplicity of Facebook that prevents me from coming here.  I post a quick update and boom I’m done.  No proofreading, no plot planning.  No pressure.  In the world of blogging v. Facebooking, the Facebook status update is more like a one night stand with no strings and the blog is a serious committed relationship.

I suppose I had been feeling trapped lately people.  And under pressure.  So I’ve been having meaningless one night stands over on Facebook.  Oh, and don’t blame yourself.  It’s me not you.

OK, well, now I feel better.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much of an update.  Then you might feel trapped!  Besides, if I spew all over you today then I won’t have anything to write about tomorrow.

But regardless,  it’s nice to be back.  There have been times when I’ve considered abandoning this blog completely.  I’m glad I didn’t.

We watched Julie & Julia last night, and it totally put me back in the mood for the type of lovin’ that one can only get through blogging, not Facebooking.  So I guess I’ll stick around for a while, and we can see where this thing takes us.


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