Seriously, I forgot!

I was totally planning on writing with more consistency and I seriously forgot to!  It wasn’t until I saw a comment from my girl KJ that I realized I had not posted in a while.

We just came in from playing out in the big snow.  The boys got into it today and weren’t ready to come in when I did…so I left them out in the back yard, came in, warmed up, and made them some chocolate chip muffins!  One of their favorites!  Hey did I ever tell you about the time I attempted a chocolate chip cookie recipe using ground-up chick peas as part of the ingredients?  McKade knew something was different and refused to eat them.  Of course this was several years ago, perhaps I should try them again!  His love for chips of chocolate had grown exponentially!!  I found the recipe in this book!

I have torn meniscus!  Wow, that was a subject jump huh?  I’m not sure I can even find a good segue-way from chick peas to knees…well except that peas and knees rhymes!!  Anyway, the first doctor recommended arthroscopic surgery, which is an outpatient procedure.  I have an appointment scheduled with another doctor for a second opinion.  I have heard about procedure that uses plasma from one’s own body and is then injected into the wound site.  This procedure is thought to speed the healing process.  We’ll see if I’m even a candidate!  I’m able to continue to work out but I’ve avoided Zumba, and that SUCKS!!

Rogan is calling me through…he wants me to “sit with him”.  He must feeling tired after out outdoor play!!

Hopefully, I’ll be back again soon!


One thought on “Seriously, I forgot!

  1. You think YOU’VE been gone awhile? I haven’t updated in almost 6 months! Granted, part of that time I was having domain issues, but still.

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