Who wants some? Whose got some?

My Mum is staying with us for 2 weeks before she moves on to Florida.  Normally she would not have stayed for so long, but she had to vacate her house for new renters and her boyfriend was unable to change his time off from work to help her with the move.

So here we are in the same house.  For 2 weeks.  And I’m realizing that I have a lot of, um shall we “stuff” or, yes, we can call it “baggage” that I’m carrying.  And spending excess time with my Mum [and Dad] brings that out of me.

I’ve said it before, if we live our lives without seeing the reflection of ourselves in others, then we never really learn who we are.  And living in close quarters provides a very clear, but sometimes un-pretty reflection of ourselves.

I’ll cut to the chase.   I got issues.  She’s got issues.  Wouldn’t you like to have some issues too?


3 thoughts on “Who wants some? Whose got some?

  1. anne says:

    THIS essentially is why I cut my visit short up north last year with my step-mom. Me, plus her, and man the issues came running back.

    The question is- can you reach a point where you see past the issues and focus on enjoying the time you have with her? Or is the baggage so bad you have to sort through it right now???

    good luck.

  2. kitty says:

    I grew up in a perfect family, got NO issues, nope NO issues. Issues make the world go round! Miss you Zini. Tell your mum I said hi and good luck with the move. Kitty

    • outspokenandunderpaid says:

      Kitty…I suppose it is indeed the issues that teach us to be better people. I’ll pas on your words to my Mum!

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