…and then I ran over his bike!

Big day at our house yesterday.  It was Rogan’s last day of his first year of preschool.  And what was planned on this most momentous of occasions? A BIKE PARADE.  Among other things, but really those were just the fillers.

The plan was that Mum and I, along with Rogan would go in a bit early to help with the decorations.  Going in early, in and of itself, would not normally be such a challenge.  But for some reason, shit got hairy yesterady.  {Just stop for a minute…shit got hairy…how gross is that?}

So as I’m running around gathering this and that and attending to last minute stuff, Rogan reminded me that one of his training wheels was loose and needed tightening.  Which doesn’t sound like a big deal.  But the bolt, this nut on his bike is in one of the tightest spots EVER.  Worse than between a rock and hard place.  I’ve tried before to tighten this bitch, but was never able to fully get a hold of it.  I’d been meaning to ask Mike, but kept forgetting.  So at the last-minute I called a neighbor knowing that he would have just the right tool…a wrench…a hammer?!?!?  Who knows!  But I had to swallow my pride and ask for help since I could not get Mike on the phone.  Of course.

My neighbor tightens it, adjusts it and makes it all good again.  All is well.  And then I ran over it.  Seriously.  Let me explain.

I open my trunk to put the bike in, and at the same time, my crazy brain realizes that Mum and Rogan are still not out of the house.  So before finishing what I started, I run to the door and yell in for them to come out.  We all return to the truck and as I begin to reverse out of the driveway, I hear this awful sound.  Like metal against concrete…SHIT!!  I ran over his bike.  HIS BIKE!!! The one he needs for today!  FOR THE BIKE PARADE!  ON HIS LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!  I ran OVER it.  THE BIKE MY NEIGHBOR HAD JUST MADE DAMN NEAR PERFECT!

As soon as I realize what I’d done, I panicked.  And when I saw the damage, I panicked a little more.  And then I blamed the car for NOT “sensing” the bike behind me and beeping me into awareness.  It fucking beeps when a butterfly flies past my bumper.   I stood there, dumbfounded, desperately trying to bend the handle bars back into place.  Trying to secure the large tear on the bike seat.  But to no avail.  This bike seemed ‘un-ridable’.

After sadly explaining to Rogan what his mother had done, and loading up the trunk with any other ridable equipment, we took it to school in the hopes that A) either Rogan could contort his arms and hands in such a way that riding the bike was doable or B) he would choose one of the other 32 riding toys I had jammed in the back of the truck.

He opted to ride his now badly bent bike.  But after explaining the situation to the preschool director, she offered up one of the school’s bikes.  And long story made short, Rogan got to ride the coolest bike at the preschool.  The one with TIGER STRIPES and a big PAW-PRINT on the seat.  We even had to wrangle that bike back from some kid who tried to weasel his way into riding it by claiming that it was his.

And for the record, this bike, the one I ran over?  It was a freebie from years ago and Rogan has almost outgrown it.  So if it can’t be bent back into shape, I suppose Rogan will be getting a new bike for his birthday several months early.  But don’t tell him…it’ll be our secret!


One thought on “…and then I ran over his bike!

  1. anne says:

    New bikes rock.

    Love how your car beeps if a flipping butterfly flies past the bumper!!!

    Great story- Rogan may not remember it forever, but you will!

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