Smells like attitude!

Summer vacation is off and running and so is McKade’s attitude.  He is full of anger and spite.  All I can surmise, is that he is having a hard time listening to me and my rules.  He has to do things my way.  And something tells me, it is much easier for him to do the things his way with a ‘bit’ of school guidance and teacher’s rules.

But the summer will come to an end in due time and McKade will begin the 2nd grade anxiously, and I’m sure not without angst and anger all over again.

But until the time that our public school can resume their rule over him, I have a foot to put down, an iron fist to dust off and a tongue that needs sharpening.  And I suppose I better find my wits and keep those near too.  I can give back to him whatever he dishes out to me.  And then I can send him to his room.

I win!


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