Garlic Tofu Spinach Soup


~Sesame oil, enough to coat the bottom of your cooking pot, and feel free to add some more if it looks dry!!
~2 white onions, or whichever color you prefer, chopped small
~3-4 large garlic cloves, thinly sliced or minced or chopped, I don’t care how you cut it up.
~1 block of REALLY FREAKING firm tofu, blotted with paper towels to remove moisture, cut into really small cubes…define “really small by yourself”!!
~2 big handfuls of pre-washed chopped baby spinach (pre-washed ’cause I’m a lazy chick…use whatever kind you want, and really the amount is not that important, it’s healthy and you can’t go wrong)
~2 cubes of vegetarian vegetable bouillon pre-mixed with 4 c. of almost boiling water so that when you are ready you can add it to the sautéed stuff (I keep Knorr cubes on-hand ALWAYS)
~1 can of vegetarian stock (I told you, I put in whatever I have on hand…this can of stock is optional!!)
~red pepper flakes (the spicy kind)
~”some” soy sauce


Pour oil into pot, heat, add onions and garlic…brown mixture for a bit, it sweetens the mix!! Put in some red pepper flakes…use your gut, the more the spicier… Add in the cubed tofu and stir often, careful not to break up the cubes too much…allow the tofu to brown a bit, and to get more firm. Pour in some soy sauce, enough to make it steam up and leave a small puddle on the bottom of your pot. Pour in the 4 c. of veggie bouillon stock. Simmer for a bit, add in the chopped spinach and remove from heat.

It’s done!!


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