Change for a change

I know this totally sounds altruistic and potentially charitable.  But it’s not.

I am saving my money for a tattoo.  Despite my recent trip to Portland, I did not come home with any new ink.  This saddens me.  Yet I feel somewhat more responsible for having chosen to spend our money wisely.  And then yet again, we spent money on the trip in the first place…money that we really don’t have.  So this whole thing is moot.

The point is, I feel myself craving an additional design, something added to an already existing piece and I am so excited to be in the early planning stages.  I may even go in for a pre-ink visit to get some feedback and ideas for the next piece.

I realize tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea.  And that’s cool too.  But for those of us bitten by the ink bug, you know how exciting the prospect of new body art can be.

I’ll keep you posted!


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