random bullet points ahead…

…plus a few of my favorites things at the end
  • random number because i have no idea how much i really want to share today
  • not using any punctuation because i feel lazy and want to indulge myself in that
  • haven’t posted in forever and reading friends’ posts made me feel nostalgic to post my own
  • it’s Saturday and i am headed to spinning in a bit
  • loving the fall weather and thoroughly enjoying the fall-themed field trips i have taken with Rogan’s class
  • the sun is coming up as i type this
  • planning another trip to Portland to see my sister and my mum in November and this pleases me tremendously
  • apple picking today, though i must admit the boys don’t seem to enjoy ‘appley’ baked treats like i do and so i eat the majority…not good
  • if you read any of my facebook crap you know i was running around the house in a size 8 jean the other day…and seriously, i was 11 the last time i got into an 8
  • i swear the laundry in my room is multiplying
  • how wrong is it that the one item you want to order online costs less than the shipping
  • dreamt about an ex-boyfriend last night…disturbing
  • why does ‘dreamt’ always get marked my spell check?  Kerry said that spelling is acceptable
  • honey-crisp apples rock
  • seasonal craft beers rock
  • a wedge of a honey-crisp apple dropped into a seasonal craft beer rocks
  • finding well-fitting jeans at a consignment shop rocks
  • getting a check from a consignment shop rocks
  • and i’m done

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