Random Bullet Points

    • I am loving no screens week…it feels really good.  I feel lighter, like I don’t dread fighting with them about the TV or the computer or….blah freakin’ blah, you get the picture.
    • This no screens situation might become the normal was of life for during the week, and then with minimal exposure on the weekends.
    • Did some research on ADD symptoms and have discovered that some believe a deficiency of Omega 3 Fatty Acids can contribute to many issues, including lack of attention.
    • We made a bracelet for McKade in an effort to help him stay on task at school…it says FOCUS in little letter beads.
    • He’s been able to get more work done lately and his classmates have the claimed the bracelet helped.
    • I get to be the room parent for McKade’s class.  This makes me smile.
    • We’re going to take in all the supplies for the Halloween party so that Mack’s classmates can make bracelets too.
    • Busy weekend ahead…and really looking forward to it.
    • Need to clean, but certainly not looking forward to that.
    • Loving this weather…truly!
    • Just registered to take my Group Fitness Certification in Indianapolis…this will also provide me some time to visit with my good friend Heather!
    • My heart goes out to my neighbor-friend Sarah and her family…her step SIL just had a baby and was diagnosed with Trisomy 18.  Crushing.

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