Lifestyle Change

No, I am not coming out of the closet.

But we have decided to continue living our lives without electronic or battery operated devices during the weekdays.  Well, except for me.  The vibrator is allowed during the week.

It went really well this week.  I saw the boys use their imaginations, play outside more, and the best part, I actually felt closer to them…more engaged with their activities.  I also didn’t have to listen to any of their really annoying questions about taking turns or picking shows.  It’s amazing how much arguing and bargaining occurs in this house concerning the TV and other electronic crap.  And it gotten to be very exhausting.

I recognize that watching TV and playing video games offers an escape from the rigors of life.  But moderation is the key.  I am committed to creating a healthy balance in this house.

Because at the end of the day, maintaining a healthy balance will lend itself well toward creating healthy balanced men.





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