Looking to hire some help…

I need a follow-through crew!  I’m great at coming up with fabulous ideas, but seem to lack the follow-through to execute my plans.  It might be a lack of knowledge, could be a lack or skill, possibly a lack of energy, perhaps a lack of focus, but almost always a lack of funding.

Some might accuse me of being lazy.  And I would emphatically agree with that.  Shit, I ain’t to proud to admit my flaws.  And it doesn’t help that IO married a man who,m quite often seems content staring at a wall…his own words by the way.  Seriously, when he was a kid he said he’d rather stare at a wall than read a book.  Well, that sentiment may have inf act carried over to adult hood and the many domestic responsibilities we face daily.  Now, at work, he’s a real go-getter, well, and in the sack too…wait, this blog wasn’t about the hubby was it?  Damn it.  There I went again with an idea for a blog and I got all side tracked…lack of follow through I tell ya!

Anyway, this afternoon, I’m hosting a little open house.  My friend Sarah started selling 31 products and I’m trying to drum up some business for her.  We have an area around the kitchen where I pulled off the border a couple of years ago, at the urging of my friend Gina…she said it would spur me on to finish the project quicker if it looked even uglier.  The border was peeling off and not very pretty at all.  But this approach did not work and the empty border area has quietly and patronizingly insulted me and my lack of follow through.

Well, today I’m finishing this little project.  It’s cheap, it’s manageable, Mike is helping me, and I feel focused.  But I’ll blog first, and perhaps eat some lunch.  Oh and the boys have an afternoon party to go to, and oooooohhhh, is that something shiny?


OK, so I admit the “plaid” wallpaper above might not be the best match,  but still, it’s better than what it was.  And goddammit, I (we)  finished a project!!



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