things i love this week…

Thanks to my friend Emily over at My 2%, I feel inspired to get back on the blogging wagon.  Who knows if this will last or not, but momentarily at least I will enjoy the typewritten expression of things in my life.  So on with the business on today’s post.

Things I love This Week:

  • Despite Mike’s absence I am surviving, nay, thriving in my parenting adventures,
  • McKade completed all of his independent work at school on Tuesday,
  • I haven’t gotten frostbite from the terribly low temperatures around these parts,
  • Discovering that I love Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA,
  • Recognizing that I needed to get back ob track with my snacking and making it through last night without succumbing to that familiar feeling of wanting to eat….again,
  • The multi-bean soup I made on Sunday,
  • Knowing that there are parents stepping up to the plate to count BoxTops and Labels for the school…(I am SO SICK of counting),
  • Finding soy margarine at the store as an alternative to butter for the minimal baling that I do,
  • Girlfriends.

Stay tuned for things I hate this week…

And thanks Emily!!


One thought on “things i love this week…

  1. my2percent says:

    Love it! Thanks for playing!

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