Mike’s absence is slowly starting to wear me down…but in a sappy “I miss the love of my life” kind of way.  Talking on the phone is so hard…shit, dialing Germany requires 839 digits before you even get to the front desk of the hotel.  But as is often the case, I am reminded of those living without their partners for a much more extended period of time than 8 days.  And then I remember that Mike is in no physical danger.  There are no bullets flying by, there are no bombs suddenly exploding inches away from his body.  And now his Sunday arrival just doesn’t seem that far away.

I’m doing well with the single parenting portion of this week.  Although, it just occurred to me, the boys could use a shower this morning…um, should have a shower this morning.  But damn it, McKade went and got all responsible and dressed himself already without any complaining and it would break my heart to undue the progress he made.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Just nobody get too close to my boys today.

Since incorporating the Barbara Coloroso way of parenting, life has been easier, and more enjoyable.  And I plan to maintain this and even add-on to it.  McKade and I sat on his bed last night and laughed our asses off.  That kid is funny.  Laughing with him reminded me of my time with my sister, and that is something special.  That uncontrollable snorting laughter is the best.  And McKade accomplished that for me.


I miss you honey.


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