It’s P.Study not P.Diddy

I’ve never been known as someone who keeps her mouth shut.  Well, once maybe, but there was something in there and I didn’t want to be rude.  Regardless, here I go again, I’m about to share.

However before I open up and violate personal boundaries, I want it to be known why I share what I share.  Sometimes it’s simply that I cannot keep my mouth shut, occasionally it’s because I have such a strong opinion I must speak my mind, often it’s because I’ve had too much to drink and it’s easier to talk than it is to shut up.  But today, my reasons are much more altruistic and pure.  If I can help just one other person handle a tough situation, then I feel it owe it to share my personal experiences.

So here goes, according to my own records, I have had a UTI once a month for at least the last 6 months…and there were some prior to that but my calendar situation gets confusing since I use the school year calendar rather than the typical 12 month Jaunary-December calendar.  So yeah, a bunch of fucking UTIs have plagued me for quite some time now…and for a little extra sharing, as there hasn’t been enough already, subsequent yeast infections have also occurred because of what the antibiotics do to the natural balance in the body….double whammy right?  No shit.

I naively trusted that my family doctor would refer me on when she felt the time was right and I regret not being more proactive and pushing her into the referral.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Cut to present day.  I have switched family doctors, gotten a referral and today I saw a urologist for the first time.

It would appear that I am “retaining urine”.  Yee freakin’ ha.  And goddamn-it.  For the next several days I will be keeping a journal…of yes, you guessed it…how much I pee.  And how much I drink…including the beer even!!  I’m planning on being honest here and if my doctor has a problem with the case or two I consume on the weekends, then he and I will have some words.  But seriously, it’s not really a case or two.  You do know that I was kidding right?

I may or may not keep you posted on the progress with this issue.  If you recall I won’t commit to any scheduled posts…I post when I want…blah blah blah…you get the picture.  But, if anyone reading this has questions or comments, I’m all ears.

Wish me luck with my “”.


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