Did I mention I am now working with, ow, a personal, ouch, trainer?

Of course I didn’t ’cause I don’t post with any consistency.  However there is one thing I am consistent with and that is my exercise.  I work out about 6 days a week and I freaking love it.  It took me years to get to this point, but now that I am, I truly find joy in working hard and sweating my ass off at the gym.

Recently I decided to step it up a notch and I signed on with Eddie at the gym.  Eddie is built.  He pushes in just the right way.   And I trust him.  All of these aforementioned characteristics come in handy when you’re attempting to lift a really heavy weight above your own head with some really shaky arms.

I’m looking ahead in the hopes of seeing increased muscle tone in upper and lower body.  I feel stronger now and I have also been able to increase my run to 4 miles.  A distance I’ve worked towards for quite some time.

It’s ironic, paying someone to make you do painful things with your body that you would never even attempt to do on a normal day.  Shit, some of the moves I could never even have thought up on my own.  And so far Eddie has been there every step of the way, pushing, encouraging, praising.  Oh wait, there was that one time when he failed to catch the medicine ball from above and it landed right on my belly, directly below.  Oh, and then today I miss-stepped on an uneven surface, set up of course by Eddie, and twisted my ankle.   But I still trust him and stand behind everything I’ve said about.  I think.

Wait, remind my why I do this.


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