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things i love this week…

Thanks to my friend Emily over at My 2%, I feel inspired to get back on the blogging wagon.  Who knows if this will last or not, but momentarily at least I will enjoy the typewritten expression of things in my life.  So on with the business on today’s post.

Things I love This Week:

  • Despite Mike’s absence I am surviving, nay, thriving in my parenting adventures,
  • McKade completed all of his independent work at school on Tuesday,
  • I haven’t gotten frostbite from the terribly low temperatures around these parts,
  • Discovering that I love Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA,
  • Recognizing that I needed to get back ob track with my snacking and making it through last night without succumbing to that familiar feeling of wanting to eat….again,
  • The multi-bean soup I made on Sunday,
  • Knowing that there are parents stepping up to the plate to count BoxTops and Labels for the school…(I am SO SICK of counting),
  • Finding soy margarine at the store as an alternative to butter for the minimal baling that I do,
  • Girlfriends.

Stay tuned for things I hate this week…

And thanks Emily!!


2 Surgeries and {hopefully not} Counting

For those of you (fabulously) unaware, I had to have two freaking surgeries so far this year.  The first was for my knee.  Sometime back in November or so, I twisted my knee funny while working out and the end result was a torn meniscus in addition to something called “jumper’s knee”, which I did not know was an issue.  Because I can jump, muthah-fuckas.

But apparently, my knee surgeon disagreed.

Speaking of end results,  about 4 weeks later I went to another surgeon.  This time however, it was for a different part of the body.  My  ASS!!

Yes.  You read it right.  My BUTT!  You see, I had a helluva bad delivery with McKade.  And it resulted in something called an anal fissure.  I have managed the pain for years.  And it’s been quite the journey.

I can remember after McKade was born feeling such intense pain and thinking it was all par for the course.  When it finally got to the point that I could no longer sit down to nurse him, I knew I needed help.  And it was hard to find.

Eventually I found relief from the pain.  I learned that my options were to heal or to undergo surgery.  I chose to deal with the fissure in the hopes that it would heal.

Well, it obviously didn’t heal.  And in the reading I’ve done, fissures can heal within 3 or 4 weeks.  Beyond that, typically they are considered chronic and require surgical ‘repair’.

I’m open about this and willing to share because:

  1. Chronic, if only temporarily chronic pain, sucks and draws the life out of you, leaving you feeling ‘not like yourself’, depressed, alone, and even hopeless,
  2. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about,
  3. Fissures can occur for multiple reasons, and may even indicate that there is something else going on in the body which requires your attention,
  4. We all have the same parts, and sometimes those parts don’t work well and need adjusting, and if I can share my experience with others, perhaps I can prevent them from feeling this pain,
  5. Oh yeah, and the most important reason for sharing:  Are you freaking kidding me?  This is by far one of the most comedy rich experiences I have ever had!  My ASS needed surgery!!!

I’m healing well and hope to find my new ‘normal’ soon.  I guess you could say, that pain in my ass, well I nipped it in the BUTT!!

Smartass snarky comments are encouraged!!

Oh and one more thing, sadly there are no photographs to coincide with this post.

Drafts coming out of my ass!

Seriously, I keep having experiences in my life that seem to beg for blogging.  Yet I can’t seem to find the time to do it.  So I keep pushing myself to come up with ‘quippy’ titles and leaving them as drafts.

So now I have have a bunch of drafts that need to be completed and turned into real blogs.

And just for the record, I cannot afford to have anything coming out of my ass than what already does.

Seriously in need of a blog tutor…

Anne has been on my back, well not literally, trying to get me to post something here on this blog.  I told here I needed a tutor and asked if she would help.  It’s not like she has anything else going on in her life.

So she gave me some pointers this morning while we were instant messaging on FB.  And damn it.  I have forgotten everything she said.  It couldn’t possibly have been that important.

She may have said something about Friday 15 or some crap like that.  I might be partial to Friday 9.  It’s a bit less demanding.  6 less demanding to be precise.  That Anne, she is just a treasure trove of gratuitous blogging information.

Much love to you Anne!!

We’ll see where this “thing” goes.

This one’s for Anne!

Now fuck off and leave me alone, I wrote a freaking blog.

Literary One Night Stands

I have not blogged anything since November 18th.  I know why this keeps happening.  It’s the simplicity of Facebook that prevents me from coming here.  I post a quick update and boom I’m done.  No proofreading, no plot planning.  No pressure.  In the world of blogging v. Facebooking, the Facebook status update is more like a one night stand with no strings and the blog is a serious committed relationship.

I suppose I had been feeling trapped lately people.  And under pressure.  So I’ve been having meaningless one night stands over on Facebook.  Oh, and don’t blame yourself.  It’s me not you.

OK, well, now I feel better.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much of an update.  Then you might feel trapped!  Besides, if I spew all over you today then I won’t have anything to write about tomorrow.

But regardless,  it’s nice to be back.  There have been times when I’ve considered abandoning this blog completely.  I’m glad I didn’t.

We watched Julie & Julia last night, and it totally put me back in the mood for the type of lovin’ that one can only get through blogging, not Facebooking.  So I guess I’ll stick around for a while, and we can see where this thing takes us.

There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along!

Nothing much to write about right now.

I’m lieing.

The truth, I’m feeling really overwhelmed with my to do list and so I’m not going to spend much time here right now sharing shit about my life.  But I will plan on returning tomorrow  maybe, or Thursday to fill you in.  It’s casual right?  this relationship we have here, where you read and I write.  It’s supposed to be pressureless and without strings.  So don’t go expecting more from me.  This is all I can do right now.  If you need more, you’ll have to find another blog to read.

Wow.  I just unleashed on you didn’t I?  get over it and come back again tomorrow!