Mike just booked a business trip…

..to go to Ireland and Germany, from Saturday the 5th until Sunday the 13th.  Yeah!  But boo.


Not blogging much…

And no plans to start anytime soon. I think I’m in the throes of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and quite frankly could care less about blogging.

But I’m hopeful. I made an appointment with a new doctor, after dumping the last one, and I’m thinking that if I can just get a prescription for beer, all will be right with the world.

15 November, 2010 17:58

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My gorgeous sister!

Bad Timing…Good Times

I’m home from my trip but now Mike’s gone. He had a business trip in Memphis!

But I had such a wonderful time in Portland with Candice, Greg and Mum. We got to spend quality time together. And I got to consume mass quantities of quality beer. And I kid you not, I drank a lot of beer. My rule for choosing which beer to consume when? Whatever Greg ordered, I wanted too! That man knows his hops and barley well!

I missed Mike and the boys terribly, but in a way, I think it’s good to miss each other that much every once
in a while. It keeps us on our toes.

I won’t deny that I felt tons of anxiety prior to and during the flights, but life can’t be lived fearing the worst, because then we might never get to have some of the best.

4 November, 2010 11:27

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Life is good.

1 November, 2010 19:01

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Leaving for Portland on Wednesday. This a photo of my sister’s backyard. I can hardly wait to be there in person again.

1 November, 2010 18:56

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